I am the Invisible Man. Not science fiction,
nor of H. G. Wells imagination, but fact.
Transparent blacknuss in white abstractions of reality.
A vibrant live meaningful energy, with hopeless aspirations.
I am the Invisible Man.
Surviving centuries of indifference and denial of humanity.
Stairways into live exploding nightmares.
Visible repercussions of white kind’s scheme dream for supremacy.
As I attack attempting to rearrange a deranged mentality I am the Invisible Man.
Trapped in a deadly drain game of mental gymnastics.
An expendable, useable, reusable, statistical test tube soul of the 20th century search for man to surpass God.
And all for the visible benefit, improvement and propagation of white kind.
I am the Invisible Man.
Scholar, athlete supreme, with visible expectations of reaching for more than invisible dreams For whatever towering heights I soar to attain.
To white kind they are simply invisible gains of my visible pain.
Yes I am the Invisible Man.
From the womb to the tomb, saturated with gloom and doom.
Rumbling with clever ideologies for the destruction of this black invisibility
Designed for the destruction of Black self esteem.
To keep us out of the visible scheme of things Heading us into annihilation or assimilation.
Siphoning this invisible power to the white nation.
I am, I am, the Invisible Man
This jet blue black invisibility that now threatens white folk visible reality.
I am I am I am the Invisible Man.
And I am mad as hell cause you see I am the root from which human life has sprung.
Yet as a people I remain firmly entrenched on the bottom rung Understand this
my invisibility confirms my right to be.
You see even his history hails and proclaims. This black skinned, nappy headed, big nose, big lipped man from the womb of mother Africa
as the father
of all that is human