MERRY CHRISTMAS This most festive of seasons, Will someone please tell me its reasons?
For 11 months we go about our daily routine And on the 12th month we got the nerve to dream.
Of peace on earth and good will towards men. We scuffle bustling hustling about. As we commit our daily sins.
We make December a month of joyous celebration. We struggle daily to achieve human liberation.
With super nova renewed intensity, we give with the sincerest of sympathy.
We get involved with the homeless, the helpless, and the hopeless. Those stuck in the mire of depravation.
Will this one month of giving change their situation? Is this the only time we give with an abundance of charity.
We know their needs are not a once a year rarity.
With hyper enthusiasm I mean we jam celebrating the birth of Christ.
Even those we dislike we treat nice.
We grin, we pretend with hugs, kisses and showers of gifts.
While true love for humanity, for liberation remains Far, far adrift.
We sing songs the most beautiful of carols and ballads all that is Christmas shaking chimes ringing bells.
And in January to those we opened our hearts we will tell to go straight to hell.
And through the years of changing truths and shifting dates.
Celebration of his birth is no longer an act of faith.
Some scholars of theology say his birth was in winter some say spring.
But we need not involve religion for its beliefs are simply blind faith decisions.
A point of view which may or may not be true.
Christmas is mass media marketing manipulation. Guise for financial libations.
The crowing heights of capitalism. The last quarterly incentive of commercialism.
So whatever ideology you embrace this Christmas shit is a slap in the face.
I hope I pray that this wave of humanity lasts for more than one day.
And as Christ has said it is better to give than to receive.
So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to us fools