To Lovers Who Dance

Dancing mankind’s gift to the creator
Universal language of movements that vibrate rhythms of life
Transcending flourishing establishing a rhythmic flood in all cultures
It is non-discriminating permeating us with self induced movements to begin the quest for the source of all that is rhythm
With rhythm into rhythms being the base of life it calls us with great expectations
From the dance of birth to the dance of death It is something we all do
It is the sound of movements of these rhythms that motivate pushing us to share these rhythms this feel good with someone who loves to dance
With someone who lives to dance
And when lovers of dance become lovers who dance
the rhythms of creative movements It becomes much more than dance
A complexity that becomes simply physical manifestations expressing movement seeking the source of rhythm
You see, you see lovers, they know they are simply clay shells of earth and water that define the dance
by becoming fluid movements of elastic electricity as they seek a path to the source of the prime vibe
You see dancers who are lovers understand that rhythm and dance much like themselves are life mates and that neither can exist without the other
With uninhibited freeness they move to rhythm that is blind to all but rhythm
Rhythm that exposes the raw nature of existing
But to dance the dance of rhythms there must be a rhythm if only the rhythm of the heart pushing feet to dance the rhythm into rhythms of dance
Becoming an infectious whirlwind that sweeps lovers off their feet moving them trancelike feeling its hypnotic rhythms
Dancing as if only, the quest of rhythm is all that matters
Bursting forth astounding cataclysmic fleet of foot
movements dancing as if air were an ally
Failing arms, twisting torso, expanding, pushing twisting muscles into flights of primal explosion
As if gravity tells them do it cause baby I got your back
With daring boldness they move they strut until they start to become the dance
Until independence of movements fuse evolving into unison of movement
In which they become each other, becoming one
And when lovers become one with each they move to bond to become one with the prime rhythm that was induced into rhythms that become creation
This is their life’s quest becoming one with the rhythms of creation
To become orgasmic celebrating the spurting rhythms of the heartbeat of creation
So they dance and they dance and they dance as they strive to become movement that is one with creation